Horseshoe Island
August 14, 2016

Thirteen came to paddle on this humid overcast day: Michelle, Steve, Mark, Sue, Amy, Kim, Hugh, Bob, Bill E, Rick, Cindy and the returning cross country travelers, Tish and Gene. Bob and Hugh arrived early and paddled to the lock and back before taking a break and joining the rest of us around the island. Cindy headed for home the fun way – via kayak. There was little evidence of the heavy rain and 60 mph winds from big storm that blew across central NYS the night before. Just a few animals showed themselves: a dive bombing osprey, a couple of turtles, a few ducks, a robin and several small birds. Typically we see lawn after lawn filled with geese. They were oddly missing.

We headed to our typical after-paddle spot, the Euclid Restaurant. The note on the door said it was closed until Labor Day. The cars formed a huddle and all decided to dine at the Retreat. Jodi joined us and we had a nice spot outside with a cool breeze. The food was fantastic. There was no goose on the menu. We ended the day by making s’mores by the fire at Hugh & Jodi’s. Thank you! It was a perfect desert for those with, and without, the camping chromosome in their DNA.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz

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