Lewey Lake Camping Weekend
Sept 16-18, 2016

Twenty-five campers arrived on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They were: Di, Jim, Mickey, Nancy, Eric, Kim, Kathy, Deb, Tish, Gene, Amy, Alice, Walt, Dave L, Michelle, Christina, Mark, Sue, Bob, Hugh, Ray, Heather, Wes, Jason and Fenna Rose. On Thursday, 13 kayaked on Lewey Lake in beautiful fall weather. Beavers were particularly busy about a mile into the inlet, which became nature’s huge dam turnaround point. Two loons resided on the lake, diving near by the boats and campsites. A color-filled campfire was enjoyed on Michelle’s site. The temperature dived to 37 degrees overnight and the smell of autumn filled the air. At this point the trees were mostly green, maroon and a little red.

The water levels were so low that the Jessup River was not a trip option. So, on Friday seven kayakers headed for the Kunjumuk River to launch and paddle Elm Lake. First we navigated over 3 beaver dams to get there. For two of them we could remain in the boat. The last one was a bit higher, but it was a walk-over. The trees were very red on Elm. Loggers drowned out the sounds of nature and we could see a very tall tree sway and fall in the distance. It was pleasant paddling in the tall vegetation at the north end. A heron liked that area too. Luber decided to fly fish and caught a medium size flopper. Other campers paddled Lewey, or headed for the Indian Lake antiques, or checked out Speculator, or paddled Indian Lake, or met a friend at Long Lake (oops! Sorry, Hugh). On the way back to camp we found out that the electricity had gone out in town. We cleaned up for our supper at the Speculator Inn and were happy to see that generators were running so we could enjoy our Friday eve meal. Lights were dim but the candle on the table created ambiance. The 2 candles in the dark bathroom created just enough light, too. The campfire was at Kim and Kathy’s and s’mores were enjoyed under the harvest moon. It was about 10 degrees warmer so we slept well. Geese flew overhead during the night and a large boom kept us wondering what was going on farther south. Speculator residents didn’t seem to know what the noise was either. Their best guess was bear hunters, since the season opened Saturday.

Breakfast at Jim and Mickey’s was packed with food and people. Albert and Marvin with Esayou (new friends we met on our rainy Moffit camping trip) plus Bill E joined in. Jim and Di flipped yummy pancakes. Thank you!!! There were sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, breakfast casserole, sausage-egg bake, yogurt with fruit–n-granola fixings, assorted fruits, bagels and pastries. Hugh, Bob and Ray headed for the Great Sacandaga to paddle a bunch of miles. Sue, Mark, Kim, Kathy, Walt, Dave, Amy, Alice, Eric, Jim, Tish, Gene and Bill E paddled Indian Lake. The Adirondack view was gorgeous. We experienced the low water level when we stopped for lunch on sinking sand. We could also see the high water lines on rocks that were well above the water. Others chose to paddle Lewey or visit the Indian Lake Festival or Speculator.

For our shared supper we ate a ton of food in the campground community room. It was refurbished and we appreciated the extra room. This report is getting long, so I won’t list everything we ate. Just know that no one went away hungry and we have the best cooking kayakers in New York State. We also celebrated Jason’s 4th birthday with candles, colorful half-moon cookies, brownies and song. The work-in-progress homemade camp ice cream didn’t quite make it, even after its retrieval over the railing. We ended the day with a 3-row -lawn chair fire at Di’s. The wind created a bit of smoke and we detected hints of rain. It started to pour around 10 PM.

It was a damp Sunday morning, but the rain had stopped. About half the tent and camper folks packed up. Tish, Gene, Eric, Amy, Deb, Kim, Kathy, Ray, Heather, Wes and Jason paddled Mason Lake nearby after all those leaving were ready. Little Fenna Rose rocked the boat. The rest of the day at the campgrounds was spent relaxing, reading, and just doing nothing too important. I tried to eat my lunch at the picnic table with an overly friendly chipmunk. The little bugger crawled right into my sandwich bag. When I aimed my camera at him he looked curiously into the lens and jumped on it. What a surprise. The evening campfire was huge and even more colorful (chemically aided) as we tried to burn the rest of the logs.

It rained during the night. The sprinkling ended by morning, and the remaining campers packed up some wet gear. The trees had gained their colors over the weekend. Yellows and oranges were popping out everywhere. It was a bittersweet ride home after our last camping trip of the season.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz, Images by Amy Wood and Eric Zhaman

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