Owasco Lake
October 2, 2016

Well I expected fewer paddlers this time of the season, but 2? That's all that showed up on a wonderful Sunday, just Bill, Amy and me. The put in was all weedy because they let the water down for the season, so we had to walk our kayaks 50 feet down the planks to a better put in. It was kind a muddy, but we made due. After waiting till noon (still nobody showed up), we launched. It didn't take us long to discover a log over the inlet, but this was passable on one end by just scooting over. However, one of our party did not want to do this, so he headed back to the lake...down to two.

About .7 miles in we encountered another log and this one was not passable, it went all the way across. So, after investigating the log, we decided to turn around. On our way saw a beaver who was none too happy to see us...after smacking his tail in the water twice it dove down and disappeared. So much for hello. Back over the log we had crossed previously and out to the lake.

Back at the lake we encountered our deserting comrade again and headed out. This side of the lake was divided in to ...ducks on one side and noisy geese on the other. We knew we wouldn't get very far because of the wind, but we headed up the coast line. The clear water allowed us to see the mammoth fish that were just below the surface. We also saw an enormous house with a fish on the door (what is in that garage?)...and many other houses for sale. But the wind and waves were picking up, so it was time to head back...right into the wind. We made it back alright and packed our muddy boats up on the cars. A nice little paddle.

Report Images by Eric Zhaman and Images by Amy Wood

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