Whitney Point
October 9, 2016

Sunday weather was sunny with some clouds after a rainy dark Saturday for Hugh, Bob, Ray, Bill E, Mark, Amy Rick and Cindy to gather at Dorchester Park, Whitney Point. Of immediate note was a very stiff wind out of the north, possibly gusting up to 20 mph, with "It wasn't windy at home." Paddling into wind to the bridge was accomplished with muscle power. Mark and Ray were comparing Hugh's two wooden Greenland paddles. Ray and Hugh exchanged boats so Ray could experience the skin-on-frame boat prior to the upcoming building class where Ray will build his own along with Bob and Kim.

At the bridge we marveled at the time we paddled over that bridge on a spring flood. Amy managed some photos along the way somehow while battling the wind. Good job Amy! Bob measured on GPS 7.3 mph surfing the return trip which didn't take very long to cover the less than 5 miles. A sailboat was in the lake but no motor boats (very wise). Back to the launch following our fresh air and exercise for the day Hugh, Amy and Mark headed to Antonio's Restaurant to refuel themselves, the rest of us dispersed until next Sunday's Kayuta Lake fall paddle.

Report by Cindy Phillips and Images by Amy Wood

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