Chimney Bluff
August 28, 2016

Hugh, Bill E, Mark, Sue, Amy, Rick and Rick 2 met at Chimney Bluffs Park then continued to the East Bay launch site which was so packed with water weeds that we could see no water. So back down East Bay Road to launch at the dead end. Thank goodness for two hefty fellows who helped us carry boats down the embankment to the water. Wow!! The water was dead calm and warm. Our paddle took us by the famous Chimney Bluffs to about 3 miles past where we took out for our rest and snacks. Hugh, Mark and Rick 2 went into deeper water to practice rolls and reentries. After our return paddle everybody proceeded to Docker’s Restaurant for dinner on their deck. A good time was had by all and look forward to next Sunday’s paddle. Thank you Amy for your really nice photos.

Report by ?? Images by Amy Wood

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