Kayuta Lake
October 16,, 2016

Ray, Bob, Hugh and Steve (Bob’s buddy) arrived early to get in their extra paddling on Hugh’s birthday weekend. They were joined a couple hours later by Mark, Sue, Kim, Eric, Amy, Alice and Joan (newbie). Kim, Eric, Amy and Alice launched at the bridge to avoid the predicted 20 mph wind gusts. The remainder launched at the dam. The trees were quite colorful this year and the fallen leaves looked pretty under the surface of the water. The water was higher than expected. Every waterway we paddled lately has been extremely low, so we expected a huge beach to enjoy our stretch and snack. It was surprisingly smaller than last year, but large enough to fit all of us. Paw prints in the sand indicated that the deer had been using it as well. The rapids were not navigable, but flowing. The two small waterfalls on the route were also flowing. A couple of wasps’ nests hung from trees. The temperature was October perfect. We did not need our wool hats and gloves this year. Some of the group tried to paddle to the larger waterfalls on the outlet opposite the bridge. Weeds and sporadic mounds of dirt prevented passage. A train chugged by as the group approached a bridge and Ray got a nice video. The 20 mph gusts ran out of air, I guess. The trip back to the launch was fairly calm.

Since the train full of leaf peepers were probably going to Buffalo Head, ten of us kayak peepers went to try out a new place - Kratzy’s. The food was very good and the waitress quite enjoyable. Walt, a picture of chicken and biscuits will have to wait until next year, sorry … and instead of mile high coconut cream pie, well, there is a stuffed animal pic. You can insert your favorite sad emoji here.

Report by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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