Lights on the Lake
December 4, 2016

It was a perfect day for our traditional Christmas outing on Onondaga Lake to view the “Lights On the Lake”. Sue and Mark decked their boats with Christmas lights as others (Bill E., Dave L. and Kim) tested and donned their deck and body safety lighting arrangements (headlamps, LEDs, flashing antlers, spotlight, strobe lights). Eric was healing so he helped from shore and took pics. A husband and wife noticed the trip on the website and joined us in their tandem (Jeff and Jennifer, I think). The wind felt like it stayed below 5 mph, and the temp ranged from approx. 40 degrees F at the start to 36 degrees when we returned to land. I was warm in the boat, but it was a tight fit with all the clothing layers. There was no snow left from the big snowstorm last week, and no ice on the lake again this year. A few hands felt cold during the paddle and new gloves might be added to their Christmas list for Santa. The geese moved aside and let us pass without too much squawking. A pair of stately swans swam nearby. Sue said the lake now has six swans. Fishermen dotted the shore along with a few walkers and joggers. At 5 PM the stream of cars began and remained bumper to bumper all the while we paddled. Several planes flew overhead. One was so low he looked like he might use the lake as a landing strip. It was a bit cloudy so the sunset was hidden. We did enjoy a lovely waxing crescent moon. The lights and their reflections were very pretty from the water.

Back on land and loaded up (thanks to the extra flashlight bearer), we headed for The Retreat. Jody and Hugh with his purple wrist cast (ouch!) joined us. Service was a bit slow and mumbly. The waiter seemed to have a mouth full of marbles and lead in his shoes. Pooped out, I guess. The food was delicious as usual.

This is the last scheduled trip for 2016. So, until next time ya’all HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW PADDLING YEAR!!

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz & Images by Eric Zhaman

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