Oswego River from Phoenix
September 4, 2016

Nine members of the CNY Kayak Club chose to spend Sunday of their Labor Day weekend on the Oswego River. Amy, Alice, Bill E., Tish, Jim H., Mike M., Kim, Rick and Cindy launched in Phoenix amid a few weeds, fishermen, and boaters. A blue heron or two followed our colorful boats. We found a nice stopping place for lunch after approx. 4.25 miles. There was a picnic table and a few lovely bathing beauties from a larger boat which docked there. That was it for excitement, folks! It was a gorgeous day to be on the water, but quite uneventful report-wise. People had to get back to their obligations after the paddle and just 3 hung out at The Retreat chowing down tavern fare - Mike, Kim and Amy (or was that Alice?) Apparently the two “A” ladies have bonded over a mistaken identity. Watch out Rick, they are sounding like twins planning to keep you guessing who has a father-in-law named Fred, Frank or even Bill.

Report by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Amy Wood

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