Lakeview Marsh
July 3, 2016

It was an absolutely perfect day for a paddle on from Lakeview Marsh. Flags were flying on kayaks in the just-brisk-enough wind to keep cool and celebrate the holiday weekend. It was a leisurely paddle through the marshy area. There were fewer weeds than we have seen in the past so our paddles did not get caught in them, although some greenery did land on the boat as decoration. Wildlife were hiding somewhere. One kayaker was wondering why Lakeview was in fact a designated wildlife area. We spotted just a few common birds and geese. We did see plenty of abandoned nests in the reeds, since the goose-poopy creatures have all taken to the water (and left droppings on the beach). Eric managed to find one friendly critter in the water (see pic). The water level is a foot higher this year so the beach was somewhat buried, but as you know there is plenty of sand in this area only accessible by boat. The waves were really rolling on Lake Ontario. We watched a couple of kayakers dump predictably as they tried to turn. Bob said he wasn’t paddling in those strong swells; only those inexperienced tubby boaters ventured out to entertain us as they were tossed around and deposited in the lake. The picnic on the beach was excellent. There were cookies including homemade a chocolate batch, chips, salsas and dips, fruit salad slurped over by a group of men sharing a large plate or two, cheeses, pepperoni, marinated mozzarella veg sandwich, candy, trail mix, homemade oatmeal breakfast muffins, cherries … all nicely served on the top of 2 kayaks and small table. Great presentation, huh! Twenty one paddled and picnicked including a few newbees: Patty, Pam, Jeff, Amy, Mike (Patty M’s brother), Rene, Dory, Wendy, Bill E and his nephew Jason, Bill and Ruth, Dave (Fish), Bob, Amir, Hugh, Eric, Cindy, Rick, Dave L. and Kim. We hope you new folks had fun. It is a unique trip.

Several had fireworks and picnics to attend after paddling, but 7 had time and room for dinner at the Waterfront in Brewerton. Live music was playing, fireworks were occasionally popping, and the food was particularly tasty on the outside deck as we watched the boats come and go.

Report & Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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