Long Branch to Lions Park
May 29, 2016

Thoughts of Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all. We remembered our veterans as we passed all the flags on shore and on boats.

It was another iffy day weather-wise, but we took a chance and paddled as long as the predicted storm held off. It was a hot, muggy day even on the water. One poor kayaker took an unexpected roll into the water. Hey, that is 2 for 2 (2 dumps – 2 trips). This water was very brown however, unlike the cool clear water we paddled on last week. We steered clear of the swans, who guarded their nests on shore. We know how mean they can be if we get near their precious eggs. There were plenty of heron, geese and ducks. A lone snake crossed our path in the water and eagles perched very close by on a low limb. That was a nice treat for us: Eric, Dave (Fish), Amir, Kim and newcomers Susan and Theresa. Welcome newbies! You are great paddlers.

We made the decision to turn around halfway to Lions Park. The thunder in the distance sounded angry. If it was clear when we neared the launch, we were going to paddle in Onondaga Lake for a while. The thunder was not letting up, so we loaded boats onto our cars and headed for a saferplace – shelter at home or The Retreat. Then it poured!! Puddles formed in the uncovered section of the outside eating area at The Retreat. We were in the covered section and stayed dry. The rain let up a bit after a yummy dinner and we headed home. It came back with a vengeance – wind gusts and rain. I pulled off the road before the 690 ramp. I could not even see the sign in front of me. I am glad we got off the water when we did!!

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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