May’s Point
June 19, 2016

The best place for a kayaker to be on a hot 90 degree day is on the water. A nice breeze kept us cool as we paddled in the natural surroundings of the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. Herons, osprey, a bald eagle and other water fowl and fish were spotted. One heron had a fish in his mouth that he just caught (see pic). Many other birds were heard when we quieted our paddles. Numerous trees on the shoreline provided shade for us and also hiding places for the other animals we would have liked to have spotted. The foliage is quite dense in June. We stopped under a bridge after our 2nd island sightseeing roundabout to stretch our legs and snack. The paddlers were Dave (Fish), Sondra, Sue, Eric, Kim, Roger, Anne, and newcomers Dorothy and Renee. Welcome Dory and Renee. We hope you enjoyed the view. You did great on your first time out with the club in your bright yellow Elie kayaks.

After loading up we went to the Prison City Pub and Brewery in Auburn. I think everyone would agree that the food was delicious and the view of the prison – ummm, just spectacular (Ha!)

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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