Moffitt Beach Camping Weekend
June 10-12, 2016


Even though a low temperature of 39 degrees was predicted for the night, 12 early birds set up camp and poo-pooed the cold. They were: Kim, Eric, Cindy, Kathy, Deb, Michelle, Steve, Hugh, Dan M. and his friend Bill, Jim and Mickey. The extra high flames in the Hunter’s fireplace were toasty and danced in the wind under a star-filled sky. Some of the campers resembled the Michelin man with all their layers of clothes. We ate Jodi’s homemade s’more fudge. Thanks Jodi!!! You made delicious treats for us this weekend!!!! The cool winds kept us from paddling today.


The early birds all said they slept well through the cold night. Joining us on Friday were 11 more campers: Chuck, Rick, Bob, Christine 2, Mark and Sue, Ray, Heather, Wes, Jason and Fen. It was a bit windy, but we did get in some paddling. We chose the nearby Sacandaga Lake. Some paddled back and forth along the calm shore. Some launched in the waves and paddled the circumference. The Inn at Speculator was hosting a Murder Mystery Theatre, so those who dined out chose Melody Lodge. The food was excellent. Several stayed at the campground and enjoyed their camp food carte du jour, too. The evening fire was around the ring at Michelle and Hugh’s site. It was another cool night and everyone was able to feel the warmth of the fire around the circle. Nice setup. Casualties = 2 dropped cell phones. Luckily one was found and returned. The other – it slid down the rock she was sitting on into the water and never recovered from its plunge.


It was an umbrella breakfast day. Pancakes, homemade muffins and sweet bread, bacon, sausage, berries, juice, and more sweet stuff filled the picnic table and our bellies. Bill E. made the trip north to join our morning paddle, but it was a washout. The cold, rainy weather prediction convinced several people to pack up their wet things and head for home. Wet sleeping bags are not comfy. The rain stopped about 12:30 P.M. and we decided to eat lunch and paddle at 2 P.M. Unfortunately an annoying drizzle began at 2:00, so other activities were chosen. Some trekked a 4.5 mile hike around the campground, some visited museums at Speculator, Wells and Blue Mountain, some read, some climbed Snowy Mt, and some huddled around a cozy campfire. The group supper was at Kim and Kathy’s. We set up 2 shelters and the drizzle finally stopped. Some of the neighbors (Ray and Alfred) joined us around the fire. The evening temperature was much warmer than the night before. Those 13 who endured were: Michelle, Steve, Mark, Sue, Hugh, Deb, Kim, Kathy, Eric, Dan, Bill, Jim and Mickey.


And then there were 6: Kim, Eric, Jim and Mickey, Mark and Sue. The hopeful forecast of 7% rain apparently meant the water droplets were 7% the size of a normal rain drop. It was like being in a cloud. The suspended mist was like a small snowflake. The wind produced white caps on the Sacandaga. We checked out Mason Lake (too windy), the Kunjamuk and Jessup Rivers (possibly paddleable – there is always hope of sun and clearing, right?) We also checked out the bathroom building progress at Lewey Lake. You will be happy to hear there are brand new bathrooms with 8 private showers and dishwashing sinks on both sides of the campground. We didn’t paddle. We pondered the sign at 173/175. Is it an Indian? Mark and Sue hiked Blue Mountain. They said the wind was gusting there and the rocks were slippery on the way down. A deer ran through the campground. Camping neighbors Al and Marvin joined us at the evening fire. Wind gusts are great for clearing dead branches out of the trees. A good-sized one landed right behind Jim’s chair, embedding itself 4 inches into the ground. That was scary. Fortunately the wind let up before bedtime, but it was another 39 degree night.


It was nice to pack up fairly dry equipment after all the wetness. The forecast for the week ahead looked wonderful – warming into the 80’s, no rain -much like the printout posted at the camp entrance when we arrived. It said Saturday would reach 77 degrees and there was 0 percent chance of rain. Sigh!

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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