Otisco Lake
July 17, 2016

It was another gorgeous Sunday. I guess we are making up for the lousy start to the kayaking season weather-wise. Today’s temperature was mid-80s, and there was a nice breeze on the water. The puffy clouds provided some shade, although I noticed some rosy cheeks and noses among us from when the sun peaked through. The trip itself was very pleasant. Not much to talk about. There were some weeds, some boats, some surfing provided by those motor boats, some waterfowl, and a nice rest at the causeway. The highlight for a couple of us was watching an inexperienced jet skier fall off several times while still hanging on to the handle bars. Pam made a comment about how those swim trunks were staying on his butt while he was being dragged behind the jet ski. I had my camera ready just in case they didn’t! Dory kept an eye out for all the birds. She saw typical mallard, sea gulls, terns, and heard an osprey, but it kept out of sight. Better luck next time for our new bird watcher.

I know I lost count along the way, so if I have forgotten your name I have to apologize in advance. Here are the names of 25 kayakers who paddled Otisco (in alphabetical order): Alice, Amelia, Amir, Amy, Barbara, Bill E., Bill G., Chuck, Cindy, Daryl, Dave (Fish), Dory, Eric, Jeff, Kim, Larry, Michelle, Mike M, Pam, Patti, Renee, Rick, Ruth, Sandy, and Steve S. Welcome all you newbies. You made it the full 8 miles. Good for you!!

After the paddle we dragged, carried or wheeled our boats back to our cars which were lined up along the road for quite a stretch. Bill E. is lobbying for a bigger parking lot. Right, Bill? It was more humid on land. Twelve of us dined and quenched our thirst at the Lakeside Vista (formerly Footprints). The food was so much better than the glop made by the last crew that took it over. I had a delicious fig and chicken naan pizza. (Yea, that may not sound tasty to everyone). The Italian bread used for the steak and fish sandwiches looked pretty tasty though, and the mound of onion rings did not go to waste. It was quite pleasant inside too. They remodeled a bit. Yes, that is Michelle hiding in the picture. She is back from an arm injury and got a few miles in. We are so happy you are mending. In fact, we hope all our wounds mend quickly.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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