Salmon River Reservoir
August 7, 2016

For fifteen people, the Salmon River Reservoir in Redfield was the destination of choice on this pleasant 75-degree Sunday. Bob, Aneta and Robert arrived early for some extra paddling miles. Thanks, Aneta, for the heads-up about the detour so I could inform the club. Dave L. arrived super early to catch a nice fish before paddling. He said he just drove through the detour. The rest of us found our way to CCC Road in spite of the detour and maybe found new routes. The rest of us: Alice, Eric, Kim, Cindy, Rick, Bill G, Ruth, Bill E., Dave (Fish), and looking so fine: Charles & Mary. It was a rough beginning crossing the reservoir in washing machine waves. On the opposite shore it was time for a quick regroup on a beach, then a paddle in calmer water. We hugged the shore around the corner. Some veered off to explore the north end. The rest paddled past the dam and stopped for a stretch by the culvert. We noticed smoke in the woods and as we reached the culvert firefighters were heading in that direction on an ATV. A boat pulled up to take some of the firefighters to the blaze since it was closer to shore than the ATV path. We were told that the fire was underground by the hemlocks. Thankfully it was brought under control.

I do not remember ever seeing a porcupine while on a kayak trip, but for the second week in a row we have seen this mostly nocturnal creature. Unfortunately this one had died on the beach by the culvert. Its quills lay in a pile. He was a good size adult and hopefully had a good life in the 2000 acres of the Salmon River State Forest reforested by the unemployed 18-25 year olds in 1935 (remember last year’s history lesson?)

Back in our boats we made a beeline for the launch. We tried a new place for supper: LD’s Alehouse in Pulaski. It had a nice bar menu and lots of craft beers to choose from. The homemade fries with the skins on were particularly tasty. Poor Rick, it took them longer to tap his beer than it did to bilge all the water out of his boat after the dump. He finally got something to sip. He needed that reward.

Report Images by Kim Wojnowicz Images by Eric Zhaman

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