Waterloo to Seneca Lake
July 10, 2016

It was a rainy Sunday where 8 paddlers gathered to brave the water. 6 of us (Amy, Steve, Hugh, Bill, Ruth and Eric) huddled under a tree as the rain continued to stop and start again. Just as we were saying, "that's the last of it" another round of sprinkles came. But as the hour approached, and our last two paddlers arrived (Liz and Jeff) and the rain stopped for good. The abundance of geese made for a very poopy launch. It was a gloomy paddle down to the restaurant, but uneventful. Many of us were regretful of the rain jacket we wore...it was quickly too hot. We saw the African Queen boat, and Indian face and other face carved into a tree...sadly no pictures of that.

As we neared the restaurant, I looked for a better pull out, but a local said that there were none on this side...so it was either the dock or the extremely steep ramp. With a running start, I chose the ramp and made it up...so now I could help everyone else out of their boats (except Hugh and Liz who chose the dock). Liz didn't remember if she had locked their car, so her and Jeff called a cab to go back. The 6 of us stayed for an enjoyable meal in the mostly empty Crow's Nest. Heading back, we waited for someone to get their Jetski out of the water...boy that ramp is steep. But then we were ready to go, we all got in out boat, someone holding the back of our boat, then whoosh, into the water we went. Now the sky was bright with a few clouds, the sun was shining...a beautiful day. We paddled back (a little slower because of our full belly's), again, uneventful, but nice. A perfect day.

Report & Images by Eric Zhaman

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